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Report from S&T Project Number 1707: Hydrokinetic Impacts to Canal Systems

Hydrokinetic (HK) power technologies have been applied to inland waterways in recent years such as rivers and canal systems. While they advantageously utilize the existing infrastructure and flow conditions of canal systems, impacts to daily operations and canal safety must be considered. A pilot study was done where 10 HK units were installed in Denver Water’s South Boulder Canal. Test results and field experience suggest that safety planning and emergency procedures are imperative. Also, arrays of multiple HK units are not well suited for canals due to increased water levels that may encroach upon freeboard limitations. However, HK units may be advantageous if installed in strategic locations such as offshoot channels or flumes that offer operational flexibility and where altered hydraulic conditions do not compromise operations or safety. Critical design parameters are canal slope, velocity, freeboard, and design discharge when considering applying HK to existing systems.
Generation Effort S&T Project 1707: Hydrokinetic Impacts to Canal Systems
Themes Infrastructure and Assets, Hydropower
Tags Canal, Free Board, Hydraulic Impacts, Hydro-Kinetic Power Generation
Reclamation Project
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Location Tags Upper Colorado River Basin, Denver Federal Center
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State(s) Colorado
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Timezone MT
Elevation 6,140 ft
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