Visualization Links

Data visualizations support greater understanding of datasets and allow users to uncover insights they might not otherwise see. Here are some visualizations created by Reclamation staff that showcase how RISE data can be used to create interactive tools. More visualizations will be added as they are created. If you have created a publicly accessible visualization using RISE data, please contact the RISE team to let us know!

Reservoir Conditions

Access map products showing conditions for a subset of Reclamation reservoirs

The Interactive Reservoir Conditions Dashboard is an interactive dashboard showing current storage levels at 54 Reclamation reservoirs. Teacup diagrams illustrate current reservoir levels compared to average reservoir storage over a 30-year historical averaging period (1991-2020).

The Static Reservoir Storage Map is a PDF map showing storage conditions for seven major reservoirs and four major reservoir systems. On the Reservoir Conditions page, you can access maps for any date between January 1, 1990 and today. Beginning in 2000, reservoir conditions are overlaid on drought intensity data from the U.S. Drought Monitor.