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Report from S&T Project 21011: A Scoping Study: Integrating Water Reuse and Stormwater Management into Constructed Wetland Designs to Enhance Water Supply and Multi-Purpose Benefits

A partnership between federal, state, and local officials was formed to evaluate how constructed wetlands can be designed, tested, and implemented to achieve dual water supply - stormwater treatment benefits at Lake Thunderbird, a Reclamation reservoir in central Oklahoma. Indirect potable reuse has been identified by local officials as a preferred alternative to meet water supply needs of customers that depend on Lake Thunderbird. The wetland will also be evaluated to assess whether it can treat stormwater that is currently impairing water quality. This scoping effort identified multiple tasks to be completed over a three-year period: (1) evaluate source waters and receiving waters to collect baseline data on parameters needed to meet regulatory and non-regulatory water quality targets; (2) evaluate water treatment configurations and a range of potential site locations for a demonstration wetland that can be used to perform testing prior to full-scale implementation; (3) develop conceptual designs of a wetland complimenting a preferred treatment configuration alternative, building upon previous work; and (4) develop a preliminary monitoring plan framework for the demonstration project.
Generation Effort S&T Project Number 21011: A Scoping Study: Integrating Constructed Wetlands into Water Reuse and Stormwater Management to Enhance Water Supply and Multi-Purpose Benefits
Themes Water, Water Quality, Environmental
Tags Alternatives Analysis, Constituents Of Emerging Concern, Constructed Wetlands, Indirect Potable Reuse, Integrated Water Management, Nutrient Removal
Reclamation Project Norman Project
Reclamation Program Science and Technology Program

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Location Name City of Norman, OK
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State(s) Oklahoma
Unified Region(s) Arkansas-Rio Grande-Texas-Gulf
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