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S&T Project 19192 Data: Jar Test Data

S&T Project 19192 Data: Jar Test Data is a data set of the bench scale tests conducted for the duration of project testing. Included are the results of 25 bench scale jar tests. A jar test is a bench scale test that is conducted by mixing in powdered activated carbon or powdered biochar for different doses, contact times and co-doses of the powdered constituents. Measurements of organic micropollutants were taken on the initial water without added powdered constituents and at different contact times, for further information refer to Catalog Item 72445. Each jar test results are detailed in the file tabs labeled JT(1-25). Jar tests included testing of powdered activated carbon and pine biochar at different doses and the resultant removal of organic micropollutants and dissolved organic carbon. Included as part of the experimental design are mixing calculations for the powdered activated carbon and pine biochar as represented by the jar testing apparatus. Lastly, modeling was performed to scale jar test results to predict adsorption in flow through contactors.
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Generation Effort S&T Project 19192: Adsorption of Organic Micropollutants by Activated Carbon and Biochar
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Publication Date Wednesday, September 21st, 2022
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