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A Three-Tiered Approach to Assess Erosion and Deposition on and Downstream from New Melones Dam's Auxiliary Spillway

We developed a novel three-tiered approach to quantify and spatially represent zones of sediment erosion, bedrock erosion, and subsequent sediment deposition associated with a range of flow events on an unlined spillway at New Melones Dam, located approximately 45 miles northeast of Modesto, California. Our three-tiered approach includes the application of: (1) the Sedimentation and River Hydraulics two-dimensional (SRH-2D) sediment transport model to inform sediment removal and deposition; (2) a two-dimensional (2D) probabilistic erosion model using the Annandale Erodibility Index Method (Annandale, 1995) to inform the potential for bedrock erosion across the full spatial extent of the spillway; and (3) the Hurst one-dimensional (1D) Erosion model (H1DE), a 1D bedrock incision model (Hurst et al., 2021), to inform the timing and magnitude of vertical incision into bedrock and the potential for knickpoint (headcut) propagation.
Generation Effort New Melones Dam Spillway Erosion Investigation
Themes Infrastructure and Assets
Tags Spillway, Erosion, Dam Safety
Reclamation Project Central Valley Project
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Location Tags San Joaquin River Basin
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State(s) California
Unified Region(s) California-Great Basin
Timezone PT
Elevation 1,135 ft
Vertical Datum NAVD88
Coordinates (lat, long) See Location Details
Horizontal Datum WGS84