Swanson Lake and Trenton Dam

Trenton Dam, on the Republican River near Trenton, Nebraska, is an earthfill structure with a structural height of 144 feet. The spillway is at the left abutment. Two gated sluiceways permit river releases. A concrete conduit through the base of the dam near the right abutment provides for releases through a stilling basin to the Upper Meeker Canal to serve lands of the Meeker-Driftwood Unit. These lands are located along the south side of the Republican River from the dam to a point about 8 miles east of McCook. Regulation of releases through the conduit is by a 4-foot-square high-pressure gate at the control house adjacent to the stilling basin. The reservoir behind the dam is called Swanson Lake.
Location Tags Missouri River Basin
Location Parent
State(s) Nebraska
Unified Region(s) Missouri Basin
Reclamation Region(s) (Legacy) Great Plains
Timezone CT
Elevation 2,793 ft
Vertical Datum NGVD29
Coordinates (lat, long) (40.17, -101.06)
Horizontal Datum WGS84