Bosque del Apache Realignment Project Study Area

A 2.5 mile channel segment of the Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico that was the site of the Bosque del Apache (BDA) Realignment Project. The BDA Realignment Project realigned 2.5 miles of the Rio Grande channel from a perched condition near the spoil levee to the lower elevation eastern floodplain. Before project implementation, the main channel filled with sediment three times between 2008 and 2019. Construction of the Bosque del Apache (BDA) Pilot Realignment Project was completed in Spring 2021.
Location Tags Rio Grande River Basin, Bosque Del Apache
Location Parent
State(s) New Mexico
Unified Region(s) Upper Colorado Basin
Reclamation Region(s) (Legacy) Upper Colorado
Timezone MT
Elevation 4,530 ft
Vertical Datum NAVD88
Coordinates (lat, long) (33.821858, -106.849378)
Horizontal Datum WGS84