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Data and Report from S&T Project Number 5239: Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies

The Concentrate Management Toolbox is a planning level tool to assist with concentrate management technology identification and selection. The Toolbox addresses the challenge of accurately evaluating concentrate management technologies, their readiness, and their applicability to be used. The Toolbox is an Excel spreadsheet that can help planners screen technologies based on the Bureau of Reclamation’s technology assessments and weights that users provide. Because many of the technology assessments and scores are subjective, we encourage users to review the scores in the Toolbox before conducting analyses. In some cases, a user may have a unique application or prior experience with a technology that warrants a different assessment and score than the default provided in the Toolbox. Customizing the Toolbox entries will result in more accurate results. Desktop studies and pilot testing are recommended for cost estimation and performance testing of the technologies that the Toolbox results suggest for particular uses.
Generation Effort S&T Project 5239: Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies
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