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Data and Report from S&T Project 19188: Feasibility of Autonomous Robotics for Relining Penstocks and Similar Structures

Advancements in robotics recoating jobs is changing the way contractors conduct business by increasing production rates, lowering costs, and reducing worker exposure to harmful chemicals. The potential safety improvements are further magnified by this new opportunity to minimize the number of employees in the permit required confined space. Workforces for coatings contractors have experienced life-threatening reactions and death as a result of working in the confined spaces of hydropower facilities. The benefits for Reclamation are safer work environments, reduced liability, shorter downtimes, and reduced cost.
Generation Effort S&T Project Number 19188: Feasibility of Autonomous Robotics for Relining Penstocks and Similar Structures
Location Worldwide
Themes Infrastructure and Assets, Hydropower
Tags Coatings, Corrosion Protection, Robotics
Reclamation Project
Reclamation Program Science and Technology Program, Power Program Services

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