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Data and Reports from S&T Project 19306 and Related Studies of the Wind River/Bighorn Basin

Yellowtail Dam closed in 1966, changing the hydrologic, sediment, and temperature regimes for the Bighorn River in southeast Montana, allowing a cold-water trout fishery to thrive over the following decades. Reclamation conducted a series of studies to investigate the loss of habitat, geomorphic diversity, and river hydraulics in 35 kilometer reach of the Bighorn River immediately downstream from Yellowtail Dam, located near Fort Smith, Montana. The most recent project, S&T project 19306, conducted more recent geomorphic mapping from 2011 and 2017 to compare with earlier mapping and related studies. We observed large losses in geomorphic diversity between 1939 and 1980.
Generation Effort S&T Project 19306 and Related Studies of the Wind River/Bighorn Basin
Themes Environmental
Tags Geomorphic Diversity, Fish Habitat, Geomorphology, Rivers Below Dams, Adaptive Management, Rivers
Reclamation Project Shoshone Project, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program
Reclamation Program Science and Technology Program

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Location Description River basin of the Wind River and Bighorn River in Montana and Wyoming.
Location Tags Bighorn Lake, Yellowtail Dam, Boysen Reservoir, Boysen Dam, Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Buffalo Bill Dam, Bull Lake, Bull Lake Dam, Shoshone River, Bull Lake Creek
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State(s) Montana, Wyoming
Unified Region(s) Missouri Basin
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Vertical Datum [ N/A ]
Coordinates (lat, long) See Location Details
Horizontal Datum WGS84