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Lake Mead At Hoover Dam and Powerplant Invasive Mussel Early Detection Monitoring Data

Monitoring data for invasive quagga mussels from Lake Mead Hoover Dam and Powerplant. Data are collected as part of the Reclamation Ecological Research Laboratory’s program on early detection and monitoring of invasive mussels.
Generation Effort Invasive Mussel Early Detection and Monitoring
Themes Biological, Environmental
Tags Quagga Mussels, Invasive Species, Water Quality
Reclamation Project Boulder Canyon Project
Reclamation Program

Location Information

Location Description
Location Tags Lower Colorado River Basin, Colorado River Basin, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam
Location Parent
State(s) Arizona, Nevada
Unified Region(s) Lower Colorado Basin
Timezone MT
Elevation 1,229 ft
Vertical Datum USGS 1912
Coordinates (lat, long) See Location Details
Horizontal Datum WGS84