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Data and Report from S&T Project Number 1866: Sequencing of the quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) genome as a tool for biocontrol

The quagga mussel is an invasive freshwater bivalve which poses a significant risk to Reclamation facilities and operations. The current project undertook sequencing and assembly of the quagga mussel genome to provide a resource for efforts to understand mussel biology and to develop genetic biocontrols. A chromosome-scale reference genome assembly was developed during the project. Analyses of the assembled genome show that it displays high levels of both contiguity and completeness.
Generation Effort S&T Project 1866: Sequencing of the Quagga Mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) Genome as a Tool for Biocontrol
Themes Biological, Environmental
Tags Quagga Mussels, Genomics, Genetic Biocontrol
Reclamation Project Parker-Davis Project
Reclamation Program Science and Technology Program

Location Information

Location Description Sampling point for S&T Project 1866 on Davis Dam Forebay, Arizona.
Location Tags Colorado River Basin
Location Parent
State(s) Arizona
Unified Region(s) Lower Colorado Basin
Timezone MT
Elevation 705 ft
Vertical Datum NGVD29
Coordinates (lat, long) See Location Details
Horizontal Datum WGS84