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Cochiti Lake Weather Monitoring Data from S&T Project 8119: Collison Floating Evaporation Pan

This is continued monitoring at Cochiti Reservoir using the Collison Floating Evaporation Pan (CFEP) that came from S&T 8119. The CFEP has the following two important improvements over land-based Class A Evaporation Pans: (1) the temperature of the water within the CFEP is nearly identical to the water temperature of the surrounding body of water; and (2) the atmospheric boundary layer over the CFEP is nearly identical to the boundary layer over the surrounding body of water. Establishing these two conditions provided a significantly more accurate estimation of reservoir evaporation. In addition, the CFEP has three major improvements over floating and/or fixed tower open-water evaporation estimation methods (such as Eddy Covariance and Bowen Ratio Energy Balance and Mass Transfer equations) that are as follows: (1) the CFEP does not require a fetch distance, allowing it to be placed in fetch-limited locations; (2) the CFEP is considerably cheaper to build, maintain, and operate; and (3) processing of CFEP-collected data is considerably simpler.
Generation Effort S&T Project 8119: Collison Floating Evaporation Pan and Additional Collison Floating Evaporation Pan Studies
Themes Water
Tags Water Accounting, Water Loss, Evaporation Pan, Collison Floating Evaporation Pan, Weather Data Collection
Reclamation Project
Reclamation Program Science and Technology Program

Location Information

Location Name Cochiti Lake
Location Description
Location Tags Rio Grande River Basin
Location Parent
State(s) New Mexico
Unified Region(s) Upper Colorado Basin
Timezone MT
Elevation 5,356 ft
Vertical Datum EGM96
Coordinates (lat, long) See Location Details
Horizontal Datum WGS84